The Month of May 2011

As I’m sitting at the dining room table at 2:09AM, nine hours before my plane takes off back to the Philippines, all I can think about are the past 31 days. All the events, occasions, hang outs, surprises, and parties with an overflow of memories. I told myself that I wanted this month to be epic, and it definitely was. One, I’ve learned a lot about myself. A LOT. Two, I’ve learned who my true friends are along with making a new one.

I just wish I was home longer. One month doesn’t cut it.

The week after NC is when I had to be the strongest I’ve ever had to be. I was (and still am) overwhelmed by basically everything and my girl-rollercoaster emotions aren’t helping (wahhh), but I seriously need to start seeing things with a better outlook. Being home was amazing, but it’s time to keep moving forward. So here’s to that surprise “party,” the amateur photo shoots and dancing with my little brother, thrifting, being packed in 15 hour car rides to and from NC, traveling in three different states in a month, being immersed in Southern twangs for a week, my kuya’s wedding and gaining a sister, learning to deal and accept my boyfriend’s sleep episodes, “kwento” with my mom, spending time with friends and family- pffff, goodbyes… I’ll be home again. 

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