Shorts and Fun


School is almost OUT! Wednesday is my last day of the term! But what a long day it will be. I have three finals that day and the last final might end past 9pm. Wahh. I can’t wait until Thursday. Finals weren’t as bad as last term. I think it’s because I’ve really been doing better with my time management, so no cramming for me! 14 more days until I’m home- SO ESSITED! 

What I’m loving:

1) I have been eyeing a fashion trend for a while but starting to fall in love with it via tumblr. What is it?


High waisted denim shorts! Seriously loving them especially the distressed and studs style. Usually my style is feminine, clean chic. But this Ke$ha, femme-grunge look is really starting to grow on me. We went to Trinoma today and I tried looking for some but couldn’t find any. So all I know for now is…Salvation Army and Value World, I’m comin’.

2) “You Are Loved” by Josh Groban. A beautiful song, a beautiful voice, all which make my heart melt. I forgot how much I enjoy listening to Mr. Groban. ❤

What I’m craving:

Actually I told myself since I’m down to my final two weeks before home, I’ll go on a diet.

Sike. Yeah right. I love food. And this is the first thing that I’ll be eating when I get home:

You know you want some now.

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