One Year Ago

Nothing fashion related, but I wanted to make a quick dedicated post on this group of people that I met more than a year ago: DOA.

Well, apparently they’re called D-Trex now. 

Exactly one year ago, we had the opportunity to compete at “The Main Event” hip hop dance competition. My eyes opened to a whole other side of the hip hop community that I did not know. Ever since then I’ve been inspired by the dancers, routines, and fashion. We got to perform our routine that we’ve been using as an evangelistic tool to people in Virginia. It was such an amazing experience performing that at that competition! I know God did that for a reason- that we were there for Him to be shown in a place where little of Him was shown. Incredible.

Being a part of this crew while at Liberty University has created one whole chapter in my life. Looking back on it and remembering every little thing that happened from practices, campus performances, prayer chapel, car rides to off-campus performances, midnight iHop runs, accounting, the laughs, the sweat, and of course having the chance to talk to teenagers about God after performances is nothing short of amazing. Because of that, I now have the ability to teach classes at Messiah and show God’s great love through dance, and I don’t think that would have been possible if it weren’t for DOA. I was only on this team for a year, but it has surely done great things for my life.

Kaba Modern

Rhythm City


Dead on Awakening 🙂

The old yet not forgotten DOA. Every single person on this team is beautiful. It’s been a while, but I love you all. 

DOA’s Main Event dance performance

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