JoJo – Fly Away

I will create/learn/do something today #2:

“Fly Away”– Jojo

LOVE THIS SONG. I think it’s because it’s basically the story of my life. Almost two years ago I felt like leaving my little town of Ortonville to Lynchburg, VA was the hardest thing I ever had to do until August 11, 2011 hit and everything changed. I’m away from my family and my dog, friends, my boyfriend…my comfortable world. But that move was the next step to make something of myself in this world and with a month to go, I know I will be back with all of them soon. 

I’m pretty sure this song will be on repeat June 3. Womp.

I’ve been into drawing a lot lately. It’s probably because all of my finals require some sort of illustration or sketch. This is dedicated to this song. Yes, I was that moved by it. Before SoFA I swear, I could not draw at all, and I still need a lot of improvement. Practice, practice, practice! But I’m enjoying fashion illustration more and more! 🙂

Can I have one more kiss, one more touch
I just can’t get enough of you
But I’m in a rush I got to fly away
Planes waiting up for me right at gate twenty-three
There’s a doorway to my dreams
I could go or I could stay
Should I change my life or miss my flight?

Ah. I miss him.

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