“I will create/learn/do something today.”

I tweeted this today with all intentions of making it happen. So this is what I did…

1. Paper doll

Since we’re learning about the Baroque/Rococo era (Marie Antoinette era), we were supposed to create a paper doll project. I had to Google what a paper doll was. I mean, who uses paper dolls? It’s called a Barbie. Anyways, I was obviously inspired by the movie Marie Antoinette with a little bit of Cinderella+Beauty and the Beast. I made one dress for my doll but I started to enjoy drawing and making these dresses so I made two more! Ugh seriously. If only I lived during that time period for a day.  

2. New nails 🙂

3. My brownie fail

Okay. So. I told myself that I will create something every weekend that was outside of school assignments/projects. Something for myself and anything goes. I decided to make brownies. The recipe was even titled “Easy Brownies.” Fair enough. Everything went well until it went in the oven…and I accidentally put it to broil and then everything underneath the surface wouldn’t bake anymore. Dang it.

Gah, oh well. You live and you learn. But hey! It still tastes good; it’s just like hot chocolate pudding 🙂 And I will still eat it during Mara Clara tonight. Yes.

Author: fashion meets God

Christ ambassador and faith & fashion blogger at fashionmeetsgod.com

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