Thierry Mugler

Do you ever wonder who designs Lady Gaga and Beyoncé’s costumes? Well, I’ve only heard about this designer about- never! Until my fashion illustration midterm was based on the concept of Thierry Mugler. So I did my research (aka Google) and the first images I saw were all the Lady and Beyoncé themselves. Here are some of their costumes designed by Mugler:


Incredible, right? Especially Beyoncé’s leopard corset- amazing! All his designs are so detailed filled with female accentuation. His designs are perfect for these two artists too. One word: statement.

So for my fashion illustration class we were to design two croquis. 1. A Mad Men inspired swimsuit and 2. A Thierry Mugler and/or Claude Montana powersuit. Like I said, I had no idea who either was, but now I have attained a little more fashion designer knowledge!

Half and half drawings of possible powersuits inspired by Thierry Mugler.

Finished product! I wanted something strong. Tada. Leather and gold. Can’t go wrong with that. (You say Batwoman, I say smiling bee).



I can’t wait to blog about this show because it is a very epic show for me- it’s my first one! Today will be a very long day and I’m already awaiting my bed when I get home, but I’m sure there will be craziness and new experiences to learn from today. 

God is amazing! Even when I don’t deserve anything, He still gives me these wonderful opportunities. Thank You, Lord. I dedicate everything for You ❤

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