SoFa Diary #8: Marry You

It’s that time again- midterms!

Aren’t these sketches beautiful?! I wish I could say I drew these, but I didn’t. My fellow SoFA classmate, Niño Angeles, drew these for our midterm presentation for ClothEv! We were supposed to take our picked theme and use it in a collection, production design, moodboard, theme story, and mise-en-scene based on the Renaissance period. We had “romance,” so we decided to go with a wedding theme. 

I really enjoy making dramatic theme story videos and I’m not sure why, but I super liked making this one because it got me so excited for my wedding! I wanna get married! haha

ClothEv Midterm Theme Story Video- “The Best Day of Their Lives” 


  1. Brasilipinas fashion show is tomorrow! Ah! I had to get my garment altered because of a slight dilemma. Plus I had to re-make my skirt because it looked terrible. God is in control!
  2. Patternmaking/Sewing midterms today. Yikes.
  3. I go home in less than two months! So excited!!! 😀

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