Photo Update 2/25

My auntie and uncle just moved to their new homes this week. A lot of their stuff is over at the Harrison household so I went downstairs in the morning and behold…a cat cup. 

Daing. I used to hate this fish; the smell, the taste, EVERYTHING when I was back home. I would wake up because of the smell when my dad cooked it in the morning. It is the saltiest thing ever. And for some strange reason, I came to LOVE it once I got here. That’s just what happens when you start breathing Philippine air.

My lola prepping for lunch with malungay. Apparently we have the largest malungay tree in the…something?

We’re supposed to draw an example of lace that our teacher gave us for fashion illustration. I was very excited when we were drawing lace since it’s one of my faves, but I came to realize it’s a butt to draw! This took me for.ever.

EEE! My teacher finished my garment for the fashion show that will take place in a week! Here’s a preview, can’t wait to see how my model will look!

Midterms= next week. Gah. 

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