It’s a Filipino Gothic Princess’s Wedding Thing

Yet another ClothEv project! We went from Byzantine to the Gothic era, and our assignment was to create a contemporary Gothic headdress. We watched a few clips from A Knight’s Tale (*sigh* Heath Ledger) in class and I was inspired by Jocelyn’s headdress pictured below. First of all, I’m not sure how the “Gothic” style now came about since back then it wasn’t about wearing all black, dark eyeliner, and platform shoes. Oh well. Anyways, I had a native hat I bought from Quiapo a week ago so I thought it’d be easy to use that as my basis, plus it looks like Jocelyn’s hat. 


My Gothic headdress with a little Philippine twist in it. 

Materials used: cotton, chiffon, and Quiapo hat

Cue sensual picture…

I actually get a tea party/princess/wedding feel all in one. I would. The veil is the only thing that gives it more of the Gothic era sense. Well, it’s supposed to be contemporary, right?!

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