I Will Believe

For my ClothEv, we learned about the fashion of the Byzantine era. Our assignment is to create a mosaic which was a major form of art back then. I wasn’t sure what to do and I didn’t want to do it on a board and paper because I didn’t think I’d appreciate it very much. But with the lack of materials and time, I did it on an illustration board based on something that I really do appreciate every single day of my life. 

It’s not fashion related, it’s better. God is the primary Designer. This is a reminder to me of what Christ has done in my life. He died on the cross for my sins to give me eternal life in Him. I’ve been struggling in the midst of everything, which is basically school, and I’ve been worrying and stressing about the little things. So dumb! It’s pointless. Everything on this earth is temporary. Everything that I have accomplished will go away one day. I want to work more towards the kingdom of Heaven, and remind myself what work I really need to finish. I’m not perfect and never will be. I’ve disappointed Christ over and over yet He still loves me. That’s what I call love. 

I just got this soundtrack and I love it! My favorite is “I Will Believe” by Nichole Nordeman, who is one of my favorite Christian artists. These songs are really inspiring and uplifting. And the movies are just as great! 🙂

Isaiah 41:10

Author: fashion meets God

Christ ambassador and faith & fashion blogger at fashionmeetsgod.com

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