More Than it Seems

This is what I wore to my one class on Fridays today. A gray short-sleeve cardigan and a full length blue maxi dress. It was one of the surprises that came in with my box that my mom sent me. It is SO comfortable I love wearing it. I like how it touches the ground and doesn’t completely show my feet either…I have a thing about long dresses that show feet. Both accessories are from Quiapo. The earrings have feathers with light blue beads and the headband is multi pastel colored and weaved. A very boho look; asian Nicole Richie?

Dress- xhilaration

Cardigan and sandals- St. Francis Square

Earrings and headband- Quiapo 

I am officially in my third trimester before I go home in May. As much as I have conquered over these past six months, there are still things I have to overcome. It’s crazy how you can live in a place for half a year and still don’t feel comfortable and adjusted. But I’m ready to let go and let God because only with God’s strength and grace can I/we succeed. 

Author: fashion meets God

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