Home Haul :D

I finally got my balikbayan box today! I was napping until my Lola knocked on my door and told me the guards called and my package here! I got so excited because this box was supposed to come in December. Oh well, I’m just glad it arrived and didn’t get lost! 

Creative protective packaging, mom! Hahaha.

End result.

My babies! Don’t worry other ones, I’ll be coming back for you guys soon!

So my mom told me that she found these and asked me if I would wear them. Yes! I finally own my own pair!

Found these wrapped…I guess I’ll be tapping again soon!


Yeah, this made it.

8 packs of make-up remover wipes and other beauty products. 

My seam book, look book, and old mags. 

Sewing kit, clothes, and my KONAD NAIL KIT! AH! So excited to do my nails!

These were surprises from my mom 🙂 

New make up! And my Nyx eyeshadow base I forgot at home. Loveeeeeeee. I wish they had Nyx here. 😦

I finally have my own 99 Ways t-shirt book!

Lace tights and cute socks by Betsey Johnson!!! My favorite designer! And knee high socks from Forever 21. My mom knows me so well. 

And finally a cute mug…

With the sweetest note inside. My number one fan.

Once I opened it I smelled it so I could get a sense of home again…but it doesn’t smell like home anymore. It just smells like- the world. It definitely made me more excited for May. The thrill and excitement of opening the box and seeing things from my room- what more when I’m actually home! I must say my mom is an amazing packer. I can’t believe all this stuff was in that one box! But I’m glad everything made it and I love ALL the surprise gifts (BETSEY JOHNSON!).  Thank you for taking the time to send all this to me Mom and Dad! I love you!!!

So there’s this Bruno Mars concert here on April 8th…

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Christ ambassador and faith & fashion blogger at fashionmeetsgod.com

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