SAG Awards 2011

I watched the red carpet interviews with Giuliana Rancic and I realized that there is definitely some pressure being an interviewer to celebrities. You’d think the celebs would have a lot to say, but sometimes, they don’t say much. Like Christian Bale’s interview. So awkward. You could tell he wanted the interview to be over, but I guess when you have tons of other interviews to do, I’d do the same. She has to constantly remember her facts about each person not to mention it’s live coverage. But of course, my favorite was when she asked the celebs what they were wearing which was usually her first question. Here are my top two fave SAG Awards celebrities’ fashions:

Hailee Steinfeld. I don’t really know who she is. But she’s 15 and walking the red carpet. I love her dress for her age, and with the mermaid tail- adorable. 

Mila Kunis. Alexander McQueen. Another red/orange ensemble. The tail falls so beautifully and the whole dress looks so comfortable to wear. Ugh, one day I will wear a McQueen piece.

I want to wear a pretty, full-length dress somewhere. 

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