I think the Lord is glorified indeed with all your hard work, sleepless nights, etc…bec you want to be somebody in the future. He can be seen by the way you live your life: being prayerful, an encourager to family and friends, someone with discipline who's able to say no to temptations. Temptations of malls, going out etc. You are also the apple not only of our eyes but your Lola's eyes. I can see your love for her and vice versa. That will not be possible if you did not open yourself to idea of the Philippines. But imagine Jireh! Last year was your first year (1st semester!) there and you are already blossoming. The Lord has taken you far and wide in your expectations—even in the midst of homesickness, drama of on off relationship w/ your bf, a different household, mode of transportations, country, culture, language! Whoaa! I am just soooo proud of you my daughter! Indeed I want to praise God for you! He is indeed worthy to be praised. I cant wait what other things He will do with, to, and through you. I am so excited for the next part of your life. I love you Jireh!

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