Divisoria/The Bronx Haul

I know right, like, who makes a haul from Divisoria? I do! I mainly went for school supplies and now I’m even more excited for school! 

I went with my Lola and thank goodness or else I wouldn’t have tawad, or bargained (I’m not a big bargainer) but I saved some hundred with her. We mainly stayed in Recto Street in Tabora and Carmen Planas which is where most if not all the sewing supplies are. I’m still amazed by how cheap it is here and when I imagine studying fashion in the States and buying supplies there it makes me cringe. 

We went to Pacific to get the zippers, pelon, and muslin, then a place a few stores down for the dress form. I was surprised they had the dress form I needed since everyone said you couldn’t find paper maché dress forms there, but you can! Afterwards, we went across Recto to Carmen Planas and bought more sewing supplies which were actually cheaper than in Pacific! How do you get cheaper in Divi?? This is where I bought a dozen zippers for PHP14, or, 30 cents! I guess they had a “sale” haha. My Lola was happy with her purchases too 🙂 I was happy with her purchases as well because she bought daing. Mmmmmmmm. 

Before we left, I bought basketball shorts (the most comfy things in the world) with the CUTEST colors. I can’t wait to wear them for dance class! Then I saw a street vendor carrying those huge box-like plastic bags and I remembered I had to buy one for my dress form. I passed on the Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse designs and picked a black/pink one. I always thought those things were the ugliest things ever. But hey, mine’s pretty! 

The Bronx (a SoFA term for Divisoria) is always such an experience even though it’s my least favorite place. The school supply shopping is great, but the things I hate the most is 1, dodging the spit zones; 2, catching people spit (even though that’s pretty much anywhere); 3, the horrific smells. My nose has picked up some bad odors since I’ve been here but nothing is worse than in the Bronx. Gross.


I finally own one! 🙂 This is Gloria.

Author: fashion meets God

Christ ambassador and faith & fashion blogger at fashionmeetsgod.com

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