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Fashion + Tennis = 🙂 I played tennis in high school during my senior year, but I usually only played for fun and not competitively. I think one of the most fun things to do for a tournament was dressing up. My outfits always represented the school’s colors blue and white and they were usually borrowed from my past dance recitals or poms camp outfits, but, hey, they worked! Then I would wear matching headbands with sequins and my rhinestone earrings. It made the game so much more fun to play!

There’s just something about being fashionable while playing a sport. While you’re sweating as an athlete during a hardcore match/tournament/game/etc going for the win, looking cute while doing it makes you already look like a winner.

Best dressed tennis players (according to Yahoo! Sports):

Victoria Azarenka

Dinara Safina

Flavia Pannetta and Li Na

Maria Sharapova and Sam Stosur

These were on the worst dressed list which I do not agree on at all!


Caroline Wozniacki

A Stella McCartney design. The biggest turnoff to most was the waistline, but I think it’s adorable along with the skirt. Too cute.


Aravane Rezai

I would definitely wear this. The baby pink and the black and the skirt. The skirt is my fave part!

Personally, when it comes to BEST dressed in tennis for a female, it’s Venus Williams. She gets so many negative comments on her outfits that she’s known for them. She’s even called “The Lady Gaga of tennis.” But I like her risks and the fashion that she brings to the court. Well, except for her way too short spanks. That’s a little too much for me. But other than that I love her outfits; they’re all so girly!

My favorites would have to be both black and red ones and the last one with the frilled skirt. The black/red outfits are hot. I would so wear those during a match. The white one is so cute as well! I love the frilly skirt with the all white. So girly. Love.

Her latest uproar; Alice in Wonderland inspired.

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Christ ambassador and faith & fashion blogger at fashionmeetsgod.com

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