SoFA Diary #6: My Second Term

Back to school! Goodbye to careless late nights, sleeping in, and unnecessary naps. I started my second term (third term for the regular SoFA year) this week and here’s the lo-down on what happened!

Wednesday: Clothing Evolution, Basic Draping, Fashion Product Development

My longest day of the week; 9am-7pm. I originally had Philippine Fashion on Tuesdays at 1pm, but I really liked my three day school week from last term so when I heard FashProd was available on Wednesdays, I switched. Anyways, I’m really excited for Clothing Evolution. There are a TON of projects in that class which I will definitely be blogging about, but I’m excited to learn about fashion from different eras. Example, the first assignment is on Ancient Egypt and the last is on the 20th Century. The teacher is real chill and cool too so I’m sure it will be a workload yet fun class. Next I have Basic Draping. I’ve never done draping before so this should be interesting. I have to buy a dressform (not mannequin!) by next Wednesday and he suggested a store in Baguio. Yikes! That’s like two hours away! Lastly is my Fashion Product Development class- my first fashion class on the business side. The teacher is the Academic Director. First instincts on the class? A lot of math, problem solving, and critical thinking. We’ll see!

ClothEv Intro

Thursday: Patternmaking 2 and Sewing 2

These two classes go hand in hand and I’m glad I have the same teacher for them! Which, by the way, I really like the teacher! She seems really down-to-earth; she has the strict yet “I’m here to help you in any way I can” vibe. She was also a contestant in Project Runway Philippines. As for the classes, I’m sure I am in for many late night/all nighters especially for Sewing 2. It’s not my worst area, but it’s the most time consuming for me. 

Friday: Fashion Illustration 2

I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous for this class just because I wasn’t too great at Fashion Illustration 1, but the first day wasn’t as bad as I thought. Our first exercise was to draw/shade still objects. This definitely reminded me of my first semester at Liberty University. I was in a drawing class and this was one of the first things that we learned so I’m glad I had a little background on it already. FIllus 2 is more on coloring and drawing textures such as fur, feathers, lace, and plaid. So excited to start drawing and sketching! 

Still objects exercise

It was so lovely seeing old classmates and new ones! I met a girl from New Jersey and I heard there’s one from Washington D.C. and one born in Michigan, all Filipino. Hello fellow home country-ladies. Ha. Get it SoFA.

Gotta love first day syllabuses!


FIRST OFF people that work the MRT: why is the fee going from P12 to P30? Boo. So I had to make some adjustments for my commute this term and probably from now on. So now I save P14 to cover for that MRT fee. I sure hope my parents can get a car here for me soon!

Tagalog word of the day:

Sugat = wound

Side note: Today in Fillus, my classmate asked why I had a sugat on my arm.


“Oh, I mean, wound.”


“That’s your Tagalog word of the day!”

Sorry for the long update! 

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