Baking Anyone?

I was really in the mood for baking the past few days. I started following @onlycupcakes and @prettyfood and I just wanted to bake something. So what better thing to bake than some classic chocolate chip cookies! Here’s the thing. I really enjoy baking, but the outcome is usually not so great. I enjoy the process and especially munching on the delicious cookie dough, but once it’s out of the oven, they’re rocks. But, hey, even though they were hard, the tupperware is empty. Mmm, I guess people like crunchy cookies!

As I was baking I was wearing basketball shorts and a plain white V-neck shirt. I just got out of dance class and I looked simply gross. So I imagined myself wearing this set, very girly and dainty. If I were in this outfit, I would have baked everything I could, regardless of my usual unfortunate outcomes. Then I would break out in song. Look how cute the matching apron and oven mitts are! 

Baking Anyone?
Baking Anyone? by JiDJ featuring pink jewelry

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