School’s just around the corner

School starts back up next week! This past month vacation has been fun, but I think I’m ready to get into the grime of late nights, projects, and presentations. I’m a little scared just because when I told people what my classes for next term would be, they said I had a hard schedule :/ BUT if it was planned that way, then it must be for a reason. I’m excited though! Apart from the usual patternmaking, sewing, and illustration classes, I now have Clothing Evolution, Philippine Fashion, and Basic Draping. The three biggest things I’m excited to learn about is 1, fashion illustration. I’m not the best drawer, but I’m ready to keep learning and growing as an artist. 2, Philippine fashion! I know I’m an underdog in this subject compared to the other students since I’m from Michigan, but all the more reason why I’m excited to learn about the traditional fashion here. And 3, I just want to make more dresses!

I’m also very excited to have a locker this term. Since commuting is such a hassle, I won’t have to lug around much stuff from jeepney to jeepney and MRT now (this is a big deal for me haha). 

New term, new faces, new friends, new challenges, new accomplishments. SoFA…let’s go!

Author: fashion meets God

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