Starting the new year off right!

I wore one of my favorite dresses ever! My aunt gave it to me and I think it’s sooo pretty. It’s like a work of art. She forgot that you could tie it underneath so you can either wear it all flowy or shorter for a “bubble” effect. I tried the latter and it was so girly! Love it. I love the colors and the print and even though I miss it, I’d rather wear this than the boots, scarves, and sweaters back home. 

The first day of the year was a good one! We were supposed to go island hopping after lunch but unfortunately that didn’t go through 😦 Instead we went to Ayala Mall which I didn’t mind! Started off with some Bo’s Coffee then found a great sale at a store 🙂 I bought a few items but I wish I bought more now. Afterwards my aunt treated everyone to a massage at Salon de Rose. I got a Swedish massage along with my Lola and it was prrretty good. Plus we had a Mara Clara talk sesh during our massage with the masseuses haha. After the massage, we ate dinner at Sbarro, then went back to the resort to relax. 

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