My First

Christmas away from home. In the Philippines. Crazy. I never thought this would happen to me at 19. Truthfully I thought I would be incredibly homesick since Thanksgiving I was almost a wreck. But it wasn’t that bad thank God. In the past two weeks, we’ve attended four parties; two hosted and two non. I gained. Yikes.

Christmas Eve. Nothing too grand just a nice family dinner. We didn’t do noche buena unfortunately because we were so drained, but I think it’s a good thing we (I) didn’t stuff my face again at midnight!

Yesterday we went to a family reunion/Christmas party about an hour away. I got to see some relatives that I’ve only met once in my life, but it was good overall. Then we opened presents that night. Haha. I must say that the Carpio/De Jose family has the most creative gift giving ideas. Let’s just say…we really are not materialistic at all, which is a good thing anyways. Our idea of Christmas presents? Stuffing underwear/clothes in cereal boxes as presents, Daiso items (which is like the dollar store here but even cheaper), Biblical books, and homemade things. It’s great. 

[1 out of the 5 books I got. -_-]

Today we had another family lunch Christmas party. A ton of food prepping, but in the end it was a success. I met more relatives that I barely knew, and of course, some good Filipino Magic Sing karaoke. 

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! God is amazing. On to 2011! 

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