SoFA Diary #4: First Finals- Check.

If I were to describe my first SoFA finals in two words, it’d probably be “time management.” Honestly, it wasn’t too bad. Busy, stressful, but not horrific. It’s all about time management. I can gladly say I did not procrastinate at all which makes me very happy because I do it all the time. The late nights and the one sleepless night were not that bad as well even though I got a little distracted during my all-nighter by watching Fireproof and The Last Samurai on HBO. My Fashion Textile class was pretty easy since we were given since the first day of class to prepare for it which was just a swatchbook of at least 50 different kinds of textiles and then we had to describe them by its weave, composition, and care label. FashTrend was just a presentation on the history of menswear. FashArt was a lot to handle. We had to create our own label in groups and a lot of time and energy went into it, but it all paid off in the end because we got great feedback!


This final was probably the most rewarding only because I went from…


I had to include at least seven applications that we’ve learned over the past three months. It may look complicated, but it was super easy to make and I got a lot of compliments on it and my teacher liked it as well! It feels so good to design something and then create it. I can’t wait to wear it! 🙂


The most time consuming. I had to make a blouse, shift dress, pants, and a skirt. The skirt and shift dress was already done the week before, but the blouse and especially the pants- killer. I went through three muslin proofs of pants just to get the fitting right. The fitting is the most important part; if the fitting is off, your pattern is off. And that’s kind of the whole point of the class. BUT thankfully, with the help of my Lola, I finished!



This is the subject I need the most practice on. I just…can’t draw. BUT I will say I have gotten somewhat better since the first day :). Our final was to draw this:

Well, those were my finals! Overall, they went super well and I’m happy with them. A little worried for next term since some people said my schedule is super stressed, but oh well. I’ll push through.

As for now, I have a whole month to relax. No deadlines, no nothing. Ahhh yes.

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