Weekend Recap

This is seriously what I needed. I’ve been so busy with everything: finals coming up with 8 projects to do, dance workshops, appointments, immigration stuff, choreo for MC…oh my. Just thinking about it makes me a little crazy. But thankfully this was such a fun filled weekend!


The SoFA Christmas party! Theme: Bridal Entourage. I wasn’t too excited about it just because I didn’t know what to expect. Getting ready was fun in itself though, especially since me and my friend were the only two people left at the school, and using the lab with its mirrors all to ourselves. 

Getting ready with Carol…

Hair. HSM 3 Gabriella Montez inspired…

Final flower girl….

I haven’t taken this dress out since my 18th birthday party at LU 😦 I am in love with dresses though especially formal/party dresses. I wish I could wear one everyday. I wish I could dress up for something everyday actually. Hair and makeup done, with heels, and a perfect dress. Dream.

The rest of the night was mainly dancing along with a late dinner and lovely times with classmates. There’s just something about music blasting, flashy lights, and the dance floor; nonstop dancing. That’s why my feet still kill even two days later. But so worth it. I’m up for round 2!


QUEST CREW AT EASTWOOD MALL! Ahhh. I am in love. I took some classes with D-Trix and Hok (my two faves) before they had QC, after their SYTYCD days. 1. D-Trix= incredibly cute. 2. Hok= Same. And his adorable accent. Unfortunately, D-Trix wasn’t there, but Hok was. AH! Even though I was surrounded by guys in the crowd where I was, and their breaths stank, QC was amazing. 🙂 I went a little picture happy with Hok. You can’t NOT love on the hair though!

Philippine All Stars

Quest Crew!

Hok ❤

Grrreat weekend. Ready for next. As for now, back to reality.

Waa waa waaaaaaaaaa.

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