Philippine Fashion Week!

Lee: Spring/Summer 2011

Venus Raj; Miss Universe 4th runner up

Last night I went to Mall of Asia for PFW! So much fun, I love watching fashion shows and seeing designers’ sketches and imaginations come to life on beautiful people. I went to the Lee show, and only a handful of each university’s fashion design students were chosen to work with Lee and design for them. My faves was the first group with Venus Raj, the military design, the denim/leopard print collection, and the denim/boho collection. Even the VIPs watching were so interesting to look at because they were so uniquely fashionable. So fierce. Ah I love it! And a few of the songs were from routines from DOA and Main Event! Ugh DOA stop haunting me.

Forever 21 head to toe—minus the shoes and earrings 🙂

I’m not sure who this guy is, but he was a model and people were fleeing to him for pictures. And he looks like Justin Bieber. Soo… “Um, excuse me Justin Bieber, can I take a picture with you?” 

Filipino Justin Bieber’s bodyguard. He was surprised I wanted to take a picture with him. “SINO?”

Haha I tried not to laugh! 

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