All Work

no play for me this weekend!

So many hours will be going into these projects I can already feel it. Thank God for my four day weekends 🙂 I know I can pull through it through His strength.

I swear I think fashion school is one of the most expensive courses to go into. I thought I would be done buying materials the first 2 weeks of school- wrong. I realized I will continually keep buying materials- fabric, tracing papers, pattern papers, and more fabric. I go to National Bookstore at least once a week. Hayyy naku. That is why my shopping must unfortunately come to a pause. I need as much money as I can for all my school supplies! Goodness. What has this come to. I need an income. Badlyyy.

BUT. I am super excited because I just got these two books: 

Oh my gosh. “9 Heads” is for my illustration class and the right one is for my patternmaking class..obviously. I got incredibly excited for the “9 Heads” book because I wanted it while I was in the States but it was $100! No way De Jose. But then I came here and it’s only $40 through the school. Score. 


So. Excited. 

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