So far so good!

First week of school- check!

Here’s the rundown…

I’ve had six days of classes so far and it’s seriously been great. I know it feels that way now and once I’m midway through the semester it will be poopy, BUT for now, I love it! I only had an hour of Intro to Fash Merchandising on Tuesday then we were required to attend a seminar. The Atelier Almario partners of interior designing, Raymund Isaac, a very famous photographer who’s done work with Cosmopolitan, Elle, Preview, Metro, etc, Rajo Laurel, one of the Philippines’s top fashion designer, and Kenneth Cobonpue, an internationally known furniture designer spoke. Oh my goodness it was so inspiring. I hope I can be just as successful as them, creatively and business-y wise. 

Wednesday was my first full day of classes. I had Fash Textile and Fash Trend. Classes are so interesting especially Fash Trend. I think I could talk about fashion forecasting and fashion history all day. But the one thing I don’t like is the length of the class…I’ve never had a class for three hours long before :/ Eeagh. It’s so hard to just….sit there. Oh well. I had my first paper to write for homework and it’s all just so interesting and fun I finished it! Yay 🙂 And it’s so interesting just sitting in class too. Looking at everyone’s different styles and what they’re wearing is so intriguing I get distracted from the teacher’s lectures sometimes. 

Thursday I had my sewing and patternmaking classes. Both teachers are guys and my sewing teacher is… feminine. It’s definitely weird coming from Liberty and having a teacher like that, but it’s SO funny the things that he says. It’s like I want to be his best friend. I can’t wait to learn from him. We learned how to take body measurements in patternmaking class today- first off, these classes do NOT come cheap! I have a freaking load of school materials I have to buy. Sigh. But I’m meeting so many nice people too and this girl from Germany is basically in the same boat as I am. Go foreigners. So far my classmates have

  • Realized my name was like “Jai Ho” so they call me Jai Jai or Ji. DOA… 😦
  • Asked me about life in Michigan…”it’s really not THAT exciting…really.”
  • They said I have a really peppy voice and they mock me whenever I say “Hi my name’s Jireh and I’m from Michigan!” introductions haha. They asked me if I was a cheerleader. “No…but I was a pom pon girl…” Gah.

Friday I had fashion illustration. First assignment? Draw a self portrait. Okay so I took a drawing class in LU right? Well, that was a whole year ago. And I forgot basically everything. So my head looked like cuhrap. My prof even put it in the “not so great skill level pile.” Blah! Haha oh well, I’m ready to learn 🙂

This whole week, my aunt, uncle, and I have been trying to find the best public transportation route for me. What a crazy adventure. I am not used to public transportation in the city at all. I’m so used to driving my car or taking the L1 or L2 buses. But here I have to take 2 jeepneys, be aware of where I am at all times so I won’t miss my stop and get lost, take the MRT, and walk walk walk. But my mom told me that the Philippines is about the same size of Michigan. I totally forgot that so that gave me a little more peace. And I can understand how people get so lonely in a major populated city. Seeing people and strangers everyday and having a daily routine can be kind of sad and tiring. Boo I miss my family. But today I went home all by myself!!! *clap clap clap* It takes me about an hour and 15 minutes to get home. It’s a trek, but a fun one…kind of…not really. It’s just upsetting because I can’t wear my heels. And for some reason, the song “Just Around the River Bend” from Pocahontas was playing in my head the whole time. Weird.

Happy birthday Isaac! Hope you had a great one with you and your marquee sign! 🙂

So about this weekend…

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