Great week end

So now, WHO are you??? Aaah, that made me cryy too girlie…Remember when you keep on asking before if the Philippines is really a good idea? And people ask, “why the Philippines???” That girl in the pink dress is one of the reasons why. It seems that the Lord ordained that both of you meet. He is not so high in heaven that He wont reach out to take care of His own who got lost, and to encourage you and offer someone hope through you even in the midst of your hurting. Even your own break up was a blessing bec if you did not go through it, you can not completely relate. And then people will not notice, unlike what actually happened when your team mates noticed and asked you to share. So the break up served it’s purpose, now move on. The Lord has so many things more to show you: great and mighty things that only God-led people experience. He can work mightily and powerfully in and through you and Im glad. When you come back here, I am excited to welcome a brand new, matured and transformed daughter! I love you. And just so you know, I always pray for you… 

Author: fashion meets God

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