I am truly blessed. This weekend has shown me that. I went to the New Life Training Center (NLTC) seminar with Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) the past three days. I didn’t know what to expect, but I went along with it because my Auntie Deanna really wanted me to go. All I knew was that we were going to learn how to witness, but I definitely did not expect what we did these past few days. 

I got to the CCC office around 8 am and was introduced to the staff and the rest of the students that were training with me which were from De La Salle University. Then around 9 we went upstairs where the classrooms were held. I was in the basic training with four other students. We started off with worship. Then they gave us our materials which included a Basic Training Manual and three copies each of The Four Spiritual Laws (4SLs) booklets and another called Have You Made the Wonderful Discovery of the Spirit-filled life? So we started with a devotional. Then we did Basic Messages for about an hour, learning the basic and important reminders of the Christian faith. After, another instructor would teach us Basic Seminars which was about using the booklets while sharing the Gospel. I’ve witnessed before, but the 4SLs changed the way I thought about witnessing. It was really nice to have a small booklet you can flip page by page to your hope-to-be disciple clearly and readily. Then we went to lunch for an hour then went back to Basic Message and Basic Seminar 2. After another four hours that were really supposed to be two, we had dinner. Then we would do BM and BS 3. It was a full day routine and that was what we did for all three days. But I learned so many things like the three kinds of people (Spiritual, Natural, and Carnal), and the two kinds of lives (Self-directed and Christ-directed). I was so tired at the end of the day, but God is so good because…

Day two- After having our BM and BS, we started preparing ourselves and our hearts for witnessing to University of the Philippines (UP) students by using the 4SLs. We had to do check out theoretically first which was going through the booklet basically by memory. We had to memorize each law, transitional statements/questions, the four questions to open witnessing opportunities, our “success in witnessing” motto, then present the 4SL to a CCC staff member thoroughly. I did okay…there were things I didn’t know that we even needed to study :/ oops. So then we started walking to a building where we were going to do our practical evangelizing check out which basically is approaching a stranger and telling them about Christ. This is where most freshmen were. I was nervous, but only because I felt like I did really bad on my theoretical check out and I didn’t feel ready. But “the success in witnessing is simply taking the initiative to share Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit and leaving the results to God.” So I was like, “Okay God. If you really want me to do this, then please give me the peace to approach someone and share the wonderful gift that I have found.” I had 2 CCC members with me. They did an example witnessing and I watched them, how they used the 4SLs, asking the person if it makes sense and if they could read the Bible verses, and so on. They accepted Christ into their hearts! PtL! 

So then it was my turn. Ohhh my. We started walking around the Education building and I had my 4SLs in my hand looking at student to student wondering, ‘should I approach them? I don’t want to interrupt them…they look busy’ and blah blah blah. I came up to two girls, and they said someone already approached them and they’re just waiting for their professor so they couldn’t. Rejected, but at least I took the initiative. So we went outside and we saw this girl in pink sit on a bench by herself. I felt led. I thought to myself “HER!” We walked over there and I was SO corny in my introduction. Ew. Haha I said “Hi! Um, my name’s Jireh De Jose…what’s yours?” Ahhh. Then I told her I was from States studying here in the Philippines and that I was taking a seminar with CCC. “Can I talk to you for a few minutes?” She said yes and I started reading the 4SLs. Then she told me that she became a Christian in 1998 and she graduated from UP in 2003. She said she went to a church located in UP but then she stopped going because of sin and she has felt like she’s been separated from God and she feels lost. And then she told me she broke up with her boyfriend of SEVEN YEARS last night. She told me that 5 minutes before I came up to her, she really felt God calling her. And she was just visiting UP that day because she lives in Bataan. All I could think was, “God. Are You for real? You sent me this lady that I can relate to?” Because truthfully, as much as I’ve enjoyed the seminar and trying to take it all in, I’ve been distracted by things and it was really frustrating because I just wanted to be there for God. I didn’t want to think of anyone else. So when I spoke to her, I couldn’t believe who God sent me. I kept walking her through the 4SLs and she started to cry because she was reminded of God’s love that she forgot for so long. During our conversation, I told her that I could relate and it’s so sad when we are on a spiritual high and we’re on total fire for God, but then things come up and then we have sin after sin after sin and we feel like we’re in this deep hole and we don’t know where Christ is to us anymore. But Christ will always be there for us. Even when we mess up, He has forgiven us for our sins- past, present, and future. She agreed and felt the same. I continued on through the book and then I said “Ate, you can receive Christ right now by faith through prayer. Does this prayer express the desire of your heart? If it does, pray this prayer right now, and Christ will come into your life, as He promised.” She prayed the prayer and received Christ again. After the 4SLs, I told her she now has a sister in Christ that is praying for her. She said thank you, we got her contact for follow up and discipleship, then left. I probably took about 10 steps then started bawling. Right there at UP. I was so moved. I was so amazed of God’s mysterious ways and how he works in my life. That wasn’t by chance. It wasn’t a coincidence. He knew we would talk and relate to each other so in the end it wasn’t only her life would be touched, but I would be touched as well. Until now I can’t get over it! I kept crying for the next hour. When we had dinner, they wanted me to share because everyone could tell I was really moved, and when I shared, I was crying again! Ahh God is good! 

After dinner, we went to the CCC Student Center. It was set up like a museum and it was all based on missions. They discussed the 10/40 and 40/70 window. It was amazing to see what CCC is doing and the Summer Projects that will be held in 2011. But it was sad to see the sacrifices that are made in order to share Christ around the world. The first night we watched the 10/40 Window documentary (which is about the area that is 10 degress latitude and 40 degrees longitude of the world needs Christ the most, but is where God is working the most in). We take for granted our freedom so much but in some countries where missionaries are trying to do what I did with the UP girl, they sacrifice their lives just to share the love of God. Sad, but amazing how much He moves in the hearts of men. Ugh! That whole days was just wonderful. He is incredible.

My last day was more BMs and BSs. Later, lunch and we celebrated a birthday and two spiritual birthdays (when a person is saved and invited Christ into their heart). We didn’t get home from the events until around 11 pm each night and I was so drained! I’m actually sick right now because lack of rest, but it doesn’t even matter because I would not change anything that I learned from this past weekend. I met so many great people, Godly women and men that I inspire to be. And the students are just as amazing! It was so fun to play cheezy Filipino puzzle games and listen to corny jokes. People are so loving here. I love it. 

So that was my weekend. I pray that Christians who haven’t yet will experience what I experienced because it’s truly a wonderful feeling when you do. I learned that most Christians do not take part in The Great Commission (telling people about Christ) because they’re either afraid of what the person might think or they don’t know how to. Don’t feel like you’re not worthy of it either because that’s what I thought until UP happened. And it was one of the most touching experiences in my life I’ve ever had. There’s an urgency in the Great Commission. It’s a command from God that we must obey. Matthew 28:18-20.

Our classroom setting, Bible= check.

Me and the wonderful De La Salle students + CCC staff.

Brothers and sisters in Christ ❤


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