The Reunion That Almost Was With Rhythm City

Okay. So as I was waiting to board my plane, I was playing around with my iPod touch trying to get online but it wasn’t working, but for some reason, I thought it would eventually so I kept on trying to figure it out. After about 10 minutes, I look up, look to my right, and I see these group of guys with dunks and purple hoodies. Then I see one of the dudes and thought to myself he looks so familiar. Is that that Alfonso…or Lorenzo guy? CLICK! RHYTHM CITY?!? No way. Shut up. So I start flipping out and I keep on blatantly looking at them, tilting my head wondering if that was really them. I decided to go up to them anyways, but I realized I looked like CRAP. “Oh no, if that’s Rhythm City, I can’t talk to them like this.” So I go to the bathroom and see these three girls and one of them had a blotch of bright green/blue in her hair. “THAT’S THE GIRL FROM RHYTHM CITY!!!” But I still had to handle my business so I did, I come out, and they were all gone! They weren’t at their gate! I walked up and down that airport trying to find them hoping they’d still be around, but they boarded their flight to Madison, Wisconsin. DANG IT! But are you kidding? Rhythm City? It’s just meant to be, I need to be apart of their crew. Now.

Their gate. Sigh…

Author: fashion meets God

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