3 in 1!


I guess you would call this part a haul post…but it’s not much of a haul, but anywhoo…

Yesterday I finally got the hat I’ve been wanting for SO long. But it’s not just any hat. Oh no…it’s a pork pie hat. I just learned that recently 🙂 Kudos to the BFF HannaH. It’s so holy!

Burlington Coat Factory- $10

And also…FINALLY! I’m so excited for these!! I’ve been wanting these for soo long, even longer than the pork pie! I was going to get white ones with neon pink and yellow, but I thought this style was so much cuter. I can’t wait to wear them! The best part…

Marshalls- $25(!)

Today, I gave Holmes a bath. Let’s just say my parents were very happy and proud of me…aha. I am going to miss my Hobo so much when I leave! I hope I can handle being away from him for a year or more across the world! 😦 I love my Bobo boo boo baby…yeahh I actually call him that.

Lastly, I finally finished:

Oh how I love Nicholas Sparks. Now I just need to watch the movie along with The Last Song. Chick flicks = love.

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