A Best Friend

Last weekend defines a friendship at its best. Two words…one name: Hannah Angsioco. Friday night, we dyed a chunk of hair red. Somehow I always end up dying my hair past midnight and waiting forever to finish it. We slept at three, and five hours later (which was supposed to be three), we got ready for the Kalayaan. Let’s just say the next half hour was so stressful that we needed bananas (inside joke number one). After searching for the lost keys thanks to Hannah, we picked up Poop (inside joke number two), then after, finally…the Kalayaan. Then after the Kalayaan, all I had to do was go to Meijer and pee. That’s it. No harm. But as we walk back to the car, I shuffle through my purse to find the keys that were once lost hours ago. “Hannah…are the keys inside??” “YES!!!!” After the phone calls to our parents and people watching us sit outside the car yelling and laughing, parents come to the rescue. Yay. That would happen to us. The rest doesn’t even matter. But in the words of Hannah “Let’s be reckless,” and we conquered. 

Kalayaan 2010!

20 minutes later…

Well, what else is there to do?

Best friends forever! 🙂

Author: fashion meets God

Christ ambassador and faith & fashion blogger at fashionmeetsgod.com

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