“What a Beautiful Name” Cover


Here’s a cover Grace and I did a few weeks ago during Open Mic at Baked Dessert Bar! We sang two songs, one of them being “What a Beautiful Name.” But although I’ve heard this song a hundred times at church and in the car, this song has been so close to my heart since last night. Continue reading ““What a Beautiful Name” Cover”

Dominican Republic Dreamin’: My Favorite Pastime

There are so many wonderful things to do in the Dominican Republic, from hitting the beach to eating at the coolest, authentic food spots. There’s so much culture to be engrossed in, that’s why I don’t have a specific location that I could pinpoint as my favorite place. Truthfully? Just roaming around the cities and absorbing new sights, sounds, and smells while learning more about the country’s history is what I enjoy most!

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Dominican Republic Dreamin’: My HARRISON’S Experience

Finally. The post of this Dominican Republic Dreamin’ series that will actually tell you a little bit and give a personal insider on the company that initiated this whole series in the first place: HARRISON’S!

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Dominican Republic Dreamin’: Larimar Love

“The Dominican Republic is most famous for a beautiful pastel gemstone called Larimar. It was only discovered 25 years ago. It is not only beautiful but it is also extremely rare. There is only one Larimar mine in the world and it is in the Dominican Republic. So when visitors buy Larimar jewelry from HARRISON’S, not only are they getting something beautiful that they can have for the rest of their lives but they are also getting something that is very rare. These stories for the past 35 years have made HARRISON’S the largest and most famous jewelry store in the Dominican Republic.”
– “What is Larimar?” Harrison’s Fine Carribean Jewelers

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