Southeast Asia: Parade of Nations

A follow-up from the last post during day one of conference! On the first night, CCC celebrated their 50th anniversary in SEA and attendees were to dress in their country’s traditional costumes. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take some style shots and highlight national clothing of Cambodia, Laos, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Korea, and Indonesia. It was such a cool sight of all the cultures and garment details of sequined flowers, pleated pants, big headdresses, the array of colorful prints, and even all the different fabrications!

southeast asia flag vietnam hat and terno traditional costumes tan philippine terno sequined top pink skirt pink sequined skirt philippines national costumes philippine terno lace shoulders green sequined skirt gold headpiece floral chiffon skirt cru southeast-2 cru southeast asia national costumes-2parade of nationsThere was one point during the celebration where they sang Chris Tomlin’s “How Great is Our God” in all the different languages while each flag came down the center of the room- it was so powerful everyone in the room had goosebumps! God is MOVING in these countries and He will not stop! On to the next 50 years, CCC!

Thailand #1: Rachel Marie Designs

Hello all! It’s been forever!

My first Thailand update is actually featuring Michigan-based jewelry brand Rachel Marie Designs (RMD)! Cru Southeast Asia celebrated their 50th anniversary during the conference’s first night so we were all to wear our country’s traditional clothing. Naomi, my new friend, roommate, and co-teacher, needed an outfit last minute. She worked around her multi-colored pants from Cambodia and needed some accessories so I lent her my handmade necklace and bracelet by RMD. I was hesitant at first because I thought it would be too fancy but I was wrong! They were great add-ons that added just enough shimmer to her look; something I didn’t expect.

cambodia inspired outfit naomi bustamante rachel marie designs rachel marie designs-2

Rachel of RMD has been designing jewelry since she was 12 years old which started as a hobby, grew into a passion, and is now a business. Here is what else she had to say on her brand and designs:

fmG: Where do you find inspiration?
RMD: I get inspiration from current fashion, timeless classic styles and from a fusion of other elements. I love seeing what is new and trending, but also want buyers to be able to wear their pieces for years to come.
fmG: Were you always interested in designing and creating jewelry?
RMD: I was not always interested in designing jewelry. My mom is the one that actually got me on ย board with making and designing jewelry. She has been a blessing in my life and has encouraged me along the way.
fmG: Describe the RMD girl.
RMD: An RMD girl is ageless. She appreciates quality and loves that she is supporting a local industry that provides a lovely product and helps support women that want to work at home.ย 
fmG: If you were to choose any celebrity to wear your jewelry, who would it be and why?
RMD: I would be very excited to have Jennifer Aniston wear my jewelry. She is beautiful and classic and everyone agrees that she always looks good.ย 
fmG: Where do you see yourself and your brand in the future?
RMD: In the future, I would love to be continuing to design jewelry and work with the brand as well as finding new projects to work into. I love accessories and I would not mind designing handbags or small accessories.
Thank you Rachel for your beautiful jewelry! Be sure to follow RMD!

The Philippines’ Largest Market (VIDEO)

New video for y’all! Shopping at Divi is always an adventure which is why I love going there! You never know what to expect or the things you end up finding for such a great price. We were able to find supplies needed for Thailand plus I was reunited with my favorite accessory store, Wellmansons :) I’m also very thankful for being exposed to environments like this because not only is it a gold mine for a wanderlust, but it builds up your character and appreciation for the things you are blessed with in life. It’s not uncommon to see Filipinos sleeping on cardboard or children butt-naked finding joy with an empty can.

As for my little devotional at the end, I pray you take something away from it if you are feeling a bit discouraged. Even when we’re in the midst of God’s work the enemy can still get to us but I encourage you to press on! Your purpose in life is an extension of God’s heart and mind and with that comes His strength. He will equip you with all that you need to accomplish the tasks ahead.

Until next time!

โ€œYou cannot fulfill God’s purposes for your life while focusing on your own plans.”
– Rick Warren

Art in Island: Be A Part of Art!

10321588_1423754664566307_8447315080772075503_oArt in Island, the Philippines’ latest interactive museum, is not only dubbed as the world’s largest 3D art exhibit but a Filipino’s selfie dream. Seriously. Once you enter a painted golden archway, you’ll immediately pull out your phones and cameras for the next 2-3 hours. I originally envisioned a huge room of two or three displays within a wall but I was wrong. Almost every 3D painting flows into the next, therefore, hallways upon hallways and rooms with elevated ceilings are covered with detailed adaptations from artists over the centuries which are made in such a way attendees are really a part of the art.

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