Four Easy Thankful Outfits!

Thanksgiving is…tomorrow?! Already? I don’t know about you but this year seems to be whizzing by faster and faster. What are your plans for Thanksgiving this year? What’s your OOTTD (Outfit of the Turkey Day)? For those who don’t have time to shop for new holiday wardrobes, here are some easy looks with pieces you may already have in your closet! If not, you can always substitute something similar that you do own. For example…

Comfy Cozy


The Comfy Cozy. When creating this set, I totally had the post-eating feeling in mind. You know, the point where you’re almost at a food coma? Definitely one reason to be thankful for leggings. Plus, the oversize cardigan helps cover any food baby! Substitute: any solid, oversize cardigans. Continue layering with a solid colored undershirt and add texture with a knitted scarf or a printed scarf. Scrunched socks with boots merely give a more elevated fall look rather than wearing just leggings.

The Bold Jacket


Coats are becoming more than just outerwear but an actual fashionable piece to wear. I like to take advantage of the cute coats and switching them up before having to result in the thick, winter jackets here in Michigan. Even though you’re wearing jeans, wearing a laced top adds a slight formal touch in light of the holiday spirit. Substitute: no lace? Try a peplum or your basic black sweater and finish off with a statement necklace.

The Sweater Dress


I remember when sweater dresses made their debut and there were mixed reactions. Thanks to the rise and non fall of leggings, sweater dresses are here to stay! This is another take on a “comfy cozy” Thanksgiving. Substitute: The beauty of fall/winter is layering. Take a long, over-the-butt non or short sleeved top and layer it underneath one of your favorite regular sweaters. The high-low contrast in pieces creates a fashion-forward appeal.

The Formal Thanksgiving


For those who are attending a special, formal Thanksgiving meal. You can never go wrong with a chic dress! Keep it simple by choosing up to three colors to work with and have fun with accessorizing. Statement necklaces and a matching clutch are always safe and never sorry. Substitute: No long-sleeve, embossed dress such as this one? Wear any dress you do have and wear a cardigan over it. It’s so tempting to want to throw a scarf with your cardy, but stick to your jewelry for the formal look. Feel free to style your hair up or down for this one, too!

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving! Despite all that’s going on in this world, we all have something to be thankful for. God bless!

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While I was intently watching Bethany, Janel, and Sadie on Dancing With the Stars, my fixation on the routines suddenly halted when a special report concerning Ferguson/Mike Brown/Darren Wilson appeared. “Why are we watching this?” I asked, clearly oblivious to any current events. While scrolling through post-decision tweets of tear gas, smoke bombs, businesses broken into, fires and protestor riots, and police enforcements standing ground, I quickly realized the sad reality after being so naive. No, this wasn’t happening overseas in a third-world country but right here in our “land of the free, home of the brave.”

I don’t understand everything, but I do know that whatever side one is on, there are hearts hurting out there. Hearts that are bitter, angry, frustrated, shattered, and overwhelmed. Hearts that have lost hope in this country and the people who sit and make defining decisions behind those court desks. This is also the time where people lose faith and ask the questions “Is there really a God?” or “If God loves us, why is this happening?” What we need to understand is that we can’t fully understand everything that happens on this earth. But I’m comforted knowing that God is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. That He is the ultimate well of hope, peace, truth, and justice. Even during times like this He can reveal Himself in major ways.


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“Vindicate me, O God, and plead my case against an ungodly nation; O deliver me from the deceitful and unjust man!
- Psalm 43:1


forever 21 boyfriend denim flannel button-down wheat timberlands thrifted outfit timberland bootsYep, snow. Michigan winter is definitely making its appearance! How are you spending your “it’s practically winter” days?

Rather than leggings and Uggs, baggy and unfitted clothing is my favorite go-to way of being comfortable. This look’s inspiration was derived from these new babies on my feet. Flannel seemed obvious but instead of tying it around my waist like the usual due to lack of an oversize blouse that covers my tush and front side, I opted for distressed boyfriend denim to complete the rugged look. One accessory can be a catalyst to an entire look.

Praying you all have a great day ahead! Whether you’re going through the best time of your life or you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom, remember to always look towards Christ and soak in His love and presence every moment. His love is wide and long, deep and wide and He wants you to experience every inch of it!

Flannel, top, necklace: thrifted • Jeans: Forever 21 • Boots: Timberland

I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being, 17 so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith.”
– Ephesians 3:16

More Than a $1M Jackpot

Hello all and welcome to a new week!

Ever since my trip to Vegas, I really wanted to do a blog post on this specific something. While walking its strip at night and allowing all the flashing lights and towering hotels/casinos to sink in, there was one thing breaking my heart that I couldn’t believe was happening right before my eyes.

“R” rated business card-sized advertisements of various female bodies were being passed out by people who were only in need of an income to get by. Some tourists kept it for their own pleasure while others threw them on the ground where, sadly, kids were gallivanting around. My heart went out for those trying to revive their marriage, for those desiring freedom from sexual temptation, and other believers walking along that street.

Seeing half-naked women covered in sequins with feather headdresses and mobile billboards of temptresses is a norm in “Sin City.” In a place that is so magnificent of the creative ingenuity God has given to hotel entrepreneurs, architects, and performers, we still defile ourselves to lust and fast, cheap, and tacky satisfaction. God created us (body, soul, and mind) for so much more than just a one night stand and a sexual showcase. He designed you Himself not as a mistake but with purpose in mind. You are crafted and handmade by the One who holds the entire universe in His hand. You are worth more than a million dollar jackpot and the income of every operation on Las Vegas Boulevard in total. No matter what age and gender you are, your body is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Treat it, use it, and love it in such a way that is pleasing to Him. There’s no one quite like you, darling.


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“You are beautiful, and there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who embraces her femininity in her appearance while keeping true beauty and modesty in mind…This is how I choose to live not because I have to, not because I’m forced to, but because I want to and because this is where I find freedom to be the beautiful person God has created me to be.”
- Lauren DeMoss


Love Culture necklace gold cardigan fashion meets God Jireh De Jose Vegas Forever 21 denim Steve Madden booties

Happy Saturday!

Black and gold from head to toe for our last day in Vegas. I found this gold cardigan at a thrift store when searching for my Michigan Fashion Week outfit and while packing for the trip it said Vegas all over it. Pants were on sale at Forever 21 for almost $8 (get that 50% off!) and I love the gold studs trickling down on the sides that pour into these Steve Madden “Black Madhouse” booties. The ensemble was inspired by the boulevard at night that’s synonymous with the words “flashy,” “bright,” and “over the top.”

Necklace: Love Culture • Pants: Forever 21 • Shoes: DSW (Steve Madden)

On our last day we were “VIPs” to see the Westgate aka “buy a timeshare because Viva Las Vegas,” went to Fashion Show Mall where the name holds true as they have a built-in runway that rises during showtime, and walked along the strip towards the enticing Bellagio fountains as our finale. Sometimes you just have to step back and realize that real, creative people are behind these stunning productions and sights.Las Vegas Boulevard  Las Vegas Crazy Crepes Vegas Strip Arc de Triomph Vegas Bellagio Hotel Bellagio Bellagio Fountains mother and daughter Thanks for reading! xx

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“Nothing is more impressive than a woman who is secure in the unique way God made her.”