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You?Graphic Designers Wanted

fmG is in need of a little summer makeover! If you’re interested in showcasing your God-given talents on a creative platform, shoot me an email at I’d love to hear from you!


Would you like to share your story on fashion meets God? Whether it’s something God is currently teaching you, your testimony, a favorite Scripture, your #OOTD, your most recent accessory purchase, those shoes you scored on sale- anything related to fashion or God- please contact me! My prayer is for fmG to become more diverse on post topics from people all over the world!

Can’t wait to hear from you!

– Jireh

“Faith is a game changer.”
– Beth Moore

Faith and Fashion Files: Dominican Republic

fashion- dominican republicWhen I visited the DR back in 2008, I remember my auntie and I went shopping at this little store and my excitement was over the moon. Keep in mind that it was just ready-to-wear and not a designer’s specialty boutique. But everything was bright and more unique than anything I’ve seen in a long time for such an affordable price. Tank tops had beaded straps with geometric cuts, tops were completely covered in sequins or tie-dyed and off the shoulder with a ruffle, and prints resembled a combination of a Moroccan mosaic and a zebra- but it worked! I soon found out that this was a normal sight as I went to a grocery store/mall called La Sirena with a few friends. They immediately brought me to the vibrant jewelry and clothing baskets that we dug through until the store closed. #goodtimes

Because of this past experience I wasn’t too surprised during my research for this “Faith and Fashion File.” Read on!

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Philippines: Arrived! (#JirehForFour)

First video of this summer’s mission trips! Ahhhhh! Oh, how I love being back in Manila. Had a chance to attend a couple of Cru meetings regarding Thailand and LifeInitiatives and meet new people- so many exciting things happening!!! Thumbs up on the video if you enjoyed it and want to see more because I’m not sure if I should keep vlogging or stick to blogging. Thoughts?

#JirehForFour is well underway, however, I still need your support for my next stop to the Dominican Republic. We are almost there I can taste it! Check out these #1Nation1Day videos and see the power of God’s hand already moving in this country. And if you’d like to donate towards my trip, click here!

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Until the next video! Love all around!

“If changing the world were easy, everyone would be doing it. It takes passion, determination, and a faith that refuses to quit.”
– Dominic Russo, founder of 1Nation1Day